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Chef Mark Cox

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According to information provided by the Union County Historical Society, it all started back in the 1930's when Margie Henson started selling sandwiches from the back of her truck on the square. Her efforts were so successful that she purchased the property from Pat Haralson, making history, becoming Union County’s first independent AND divorced business woman. It has been a diner consistently since that time.

During the war years, it was home to the "Blairsville Restaurant" and did double duty as a Trailways Bus Stop where tickets were sold inside. It was also the last stop for local boys waiting for the bus to take them off to war (the draft board was next door in King's 5 and 10 cent store which was also home to the Bank, and Post Office at one time,the old vault could still be seen when the property was recently renovated).The restaurant also served as a dentist office twice a year when Doc McDonald made his rounds. You could eat lunch and then get a tooth pulled, or vice versa.

While records show many people have owned and/or managed the restaurant at that location, many also raised families in the upstairs apartment, which is now home to our upstairs dining room (The original hardwood floor remains). During WWII hamburgers were ten cents each and people remember crowding three deep into the booths and waitresses running back and forth from the kitchen. If customers didn't want a burger or sandwich, there was always fried chicken, green beans, coleslaw, and mashed potatoes with gravy. When times were tough, you could get a hamburger topped with an egg. According to historians, this was to provide a more filling burger during wartime and depression for folks who couldn’t afford much.

Today it is owned by Chef Mark Cox who purchased the building in 2006. He has since revived the old style Southern foods that are native to the area as well as bringing his own flair with signature dishes from around the world. We are famous for our food, genuine down home service, and our little piece of history. The Hole in the Wall remains one of the oldest original structures on the square to date.

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